EP Group Ecoil Oil Based


ECOIL Group ecologically provides plastisol-like print effect in a glassy brightness. It is PVC & Phtha-free. Similar working condtions of water based, it is applied with the same based pigments. The product group is in oil based category with special own features and incompatible with water based and plastisol inks. Covers the special demands of users with clear and white for plain designs, high, puff, brillant gel, metallic gold & silver bright effect pastes.

  • PVC & Phtha-free
  • Excellent washing fastness
  • High and sharp lined print effect
  • Plastisol-like features
  • Bright and vivid colours in dark fabrics
  • Compliance wth ecological standards 



EP 1901 Hidensity
High density screen paste & Beads adhesive
EP 1902 clear
EP 1907 white White
EP 1911 reducer
EP 1920 puff
Puff Paste
EP 1926 brillgel
Brillant clear gel
EP 1980 brillsilver
Metallic silver coloured bright paste
EP 1985 brillgold
Metallic gold coloured bright paste



EP 1950 yellow
Yellow Pigment
EP 1952 gold
Gold Pigment
EP 1954 orange
Orange Pigment
EP 1956 carmine red Carmine Red Pigment
EP 1958 red Red Pigment
EP 1960 magenta Magenta Pigment
EP 1962 violet Violet Pigment
EP 1964 blue Blue Pigment
EP 1966 green Green Pigment
EP 1968 ultra blue Ultra Blue Pigment
EP 1970 black Black Pigment
EP 1930 flo yellow Fluorescent Yellow Pigment
EP 1935 flo orange Fluorescent Orange Pigment
EP 1940 flo pink Fluorescent Pink Pigment
EP 1945 flo green Fluorescent Green Pigment