Tuning Film Protection ShieldLam

Tuning Film Protection ShieldLam

More and more boat owners like the concept of boat personalisation with Tuning Films. However, some fear that the Tuning Film appearance will not last.

  • How to improve the TF colour resistance?
  • How to keep / improve the original TF gloss?
  • How to deal with abrasion (eg with fenders)?
  • How to imporve impact resistance?

As a consequence, to answer boat owners concerns, we have developed a lamination film dedicated to Tuning Film : ShieldLam 


Ultra klar, glänzend,
weich 50µ PU Folie geschützt von einer PET Folie, einseitig ausgerüstet mit einem ultra klaren permanenten Kleber.

Ultra klar
klar glänzend



Farbe der Oberfläche : Ultra clear
Ansicht : Ultra clear
Kleber : Permanent
Farbe des Klebers : Clear
Abdeckpapiere : The adhesive is protected with a transparent PET liner.
Haltbarkeit außen : 8 years
Bezeichnung : Ultra clear gloss, soft 50 µ PU film protected with a PET film and coated on one side with an ultra clear permanent adhesive.
Produktvorteile :


- is especially designed for the outdoor protection of the Tuning Film range which are used in both boat and car wrapping applications.

- is extremely durable and warranted, even in horizontal expositions.

- stops 99% of the UV light and therefore helps extending the life and the gloss of the Tuning Films

- brings impact resistance

- has significantly higher abrasion resistance than standard vinyl (PVC) films,

- is a self healing material

- conforms very well to flat to slightly curved surfaces,

- offers superior protection to the Tuning Films against acid rain and high heat

- is chlorines and phthalates-free,

- does not influence the pH level of the substrate to which it is applied.